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Friday, September 21st
7:00 pm
• Prayer and Bible Study
Sunday, September 23rd
9:30 am
• Pre-Service Prayer
10:00 am
• Sunday Service
Join us for praise and worship and a time of prayer. Pre-service prayer begins at 9:30 in the fireside room.
Monday, September 24th
7:00 pm
• Overcomes Support Group
This group is open to the public and starts after the dinner on Monday nights.
Tuesday, September 25th
7:00 am
• Morning Prayer
come and join in corporate prayer -
7:00 pm
• Corporate Prayer
Join us in prayer in the fireside room at 2124 2nd Street South as we pray for our community, friends,...[more]

Please visit our Event Calendar page for all scheduled events.

Groups and Events

One of easiest ways to connect with us is to attend our events, like church services and prayer meetings.  Our Sunday services are at 10:00 AM and you can browse the calendar to see when our prayer meetings are.

Another way to get to know us is to attend one of our Bible studies. Ed and Denise Adam host two open studies at their home; one on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM and another aimed at the younger generation, but never excluding those of us who are more mature, on Fridays at 7:00 PM.  Our ladies have their own study here at the church on Thursdays at 10:30 AM.  If a visit to one group doesn't seem like a good fit, you'll always be welcome to try another.

You aren't required to have any prior knowledge of the Bible, neither are you expected to own one or do anything other than listen. If there was a minimum requirement, it would have to be curiosity and you will always be encouraged to ask questions, if you feel the need.  If you're unfamiliar with Christianity or Jesus, we will always do our best to try to help you understand the biblical perspectives that we follow.

The purpose behind these groups, more than anything else, is fellowship; to get to know others who attend our church, to let them get to know you, and it's a guaranteed way to get comfortable quickly.  You will never be expected to continue attending, but it's a safe assumption you'll be encouraged to.  After all, learning about Jesus, God's Son, and the incredible opportunity he's given each of us to have a real, personal relationship with HIm is worth checking out.

Please feel free to contact us at 250-489-5411 if you have any questions and/or would like to attend any of these groups. The various members of the ministerial are listed below in case you'd like to talk to a specific person.

Prayer Chain

Pastor Ron Short: 250-426-9730

When you have a prayer need, please contact Pastor Ron or use our online request form.

We will then send it out to The Dwelling Place Prayer Tteam.  If you want to be part of this Ministry, please contact Pastor Ron.

Church Servants
Senior Pastor . . . . . . Ron Short
Ministry Team

For more information about our ministries, please visit the ministry page.

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