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Here's some photos of our church. If you're new to the Dwelling Place, you'll know your way around it after looking at these.
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From the West....
From Southeast....
No one actually looks at the church like this but it made a nice shot.
The sanctuary from the left back corner
The pulpit and stage
The entrance as you'd see coming in the rear door.
The sign as of the date this photo was taken.  This will become a collectors item for those who like eBay.  hee hee
The sanctuary (chapel) looking from the soundboard.
The outside rear door.
Coming in the rear door and looking to the left, downstairs is the banquet room, kitchen and Sunday school areas.  Upstairs takes you to the nursery and the sanctuary.
Going upstairs to the sanctuary on the left and nursery straight ahead.
The sanctuary doors.  For those who choose to tithe and prefer the modern approach, the Interac terminal is usually on that shelf between the doors.
The very interesting world map just inside the front door of the church.
Believe it or not, any time you come to the church, Pastor Ron is always standing there waiting to greet you.  (just kidding...)  During office hours he can be found somewhere in the church.
This is the banquet room downstairs.  This is just before an event when tables and chairs would be setup, so it's looking pretty empty at the time of this photo.
This is the playroom downstairs used by the Sunday school.
The main Sunday school room downstairs
Enjoying the Christmas tree in the lobby at the bottom of the stairs outside the sanctuary.  Note: the tree is only up around Christmas time.
The Fireside room on the West side of the building.  Prayer meetings and some Bible studies are held in here.
Pastor Ron in his office wondering why I'm taking his photo...
The snack bar in the youth centre
The gym area in the youth centre
The games room in the youth centre
Thou shalt Google!
Another view of the sanctuary taken with a better camera
Another angle shot of the sanctuary with a Canon SX20
The bird's eye view from the balcony where the video camera is set up.
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